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wow, it feels really nice when you hit them, that sound, great game :D

Thank you ! :)

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I really like your game. I like the pixel art style and like that the game is not that hard to play, which personally i find those types of games fun to play. I like the sound effects as well, the music fits nicely with the game. i like the shooting sound effect. I also like the animation on the player instead of it being a single sprite. I also like how you added an online leaderboard for us to be able to try beat each others scores. Great game, well done!

Thank you, I do my best for the games to be original and that I like, and obviously if they like you I'm super happy.

Great game - simple, nice physics feel, satisfying and fun.  Well done!

Thank you ♥


Fun little game more enemys would make the game more fun. I liked the ammo system

Thank you, i work actualy on "Leaderboard" system, but i think add more enemies in the futur ! :)

Have fun with it ;

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This is actually really enjoyable to play. Only having one shot requires you get into a good, satisfying rhythm, or risk being defenseless for a bit. I think this is a perfect game to play when you have a few minutes between things because the only real threat to you is your own concentration. I'd definitely download it on my phone.

Also, I really liked the colors, the bubbles that serve as both targets and shot refreshers, and the big enemies that charge you - the first one gave me a shock.

P.S. my high score was 55490

Oh nice and thank you, i've made this in 4 hours x)

I work on updates and no-browser versions.

I would add more juicyness and epicness in this game ! But thank you so much for this constructive comment.